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No child is stupid in this world

Hello, I am Mak Sir. Drawing upon my decade-long experience in English teaching, I have observed that many of our younger generation are struggling and unhappy in their learning journey. Some even claim that our children are unintelligent.
大家好,我是麥Sir。根據我十多年來的英語教學經驗,我觀察到我們許多年輕一代在學習過程中感到掙扎和不快樂。 有些人甚至聲稱我們的孩子不聰明。

Is there an issue with their language abilities? Certainly not. Most students excel in speaking Chinese, with some even being eloquent. This proves that their language skills are not problematic.
他們的語言能力有問題嗎? 當然不是。 大多數學生的中文口語能力都很強,有的甚至口才出眾。 這證明他們的語言能力沒有問題。

So why do they struggle so much with their English studies? They lack knowledge of effective learning methods. Additionally, their current approaches to learning English are mundane, involving repetitive test papers, word memorization, and dictation. If you were in their shoes, would you be motivated to excel in English?
那麼為什麼他們在英語學習上如此困難呢? 他們缺乏有效的學習方法的知識。 此外,他們目前學習英語的方法很平凡,包括重複試卷、記憶單字和聽寫。 如果你處於他們的境地,你會有動力在英語方面表現出色嗎?

Could we solely focus on creating a pleasant learning experience? Test scores are crucial indicators of academic progress. We cannot disregard the importance of "learning" while solely emphasizing "pleasure." I firmly believe that studying with delight can also yield excellent examination results.
我們能否只專注於創造愉快的學習體驗? 考試成績是學業進步的重要指標。 我們不能忽視「學」的重要性,而只強調「樂」。 我深信,快樂學習也能取得優異的考試成績。

That is why I established Mak Sir English. My goal is to equip my students with enjoyable English learning methods. I want them to understand that learning can be fun and rewarding.
這就是我成立麥Sir英語的原因。 我的目標是為我的學生提供有趣的英語學習方法。 我希望他們明白學習可以是有趣且有益的。

I firmly believe that every child is a genius. Once the right key is discovered, the door to wisdom will naturally open.
我堅信每個孩子都是天才。 一旦找到了正確的鑰匙,智慧之門自然就會打開。

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